Australia Part 1 : The Outback

Four years ago the best and probably longest vacation before my retirement starts (in 40 years). A college friend and I flew to Australia to start her year of working in the Land Down Under. My dear friend Lacee had a visa for a year, which includes six months of working - so lots of fun travel could be included in the visa.

We decided to sign up for a Contiki Vacation - We did what is now called "The Big Walkabout" a 28 day tour of the outback and east coast from Cairns to Sydney. This may seem expensive, but travel, hotels, lots of activities that were included and lots of included meals was awesome. Otherwise you are renting a car/van and exploring yourself. One of the best reasons to chose Contiki is for the other people. You are guaranteed a bus full of 18-35 year olds who want to see and experience the same things. The connections you make on a trip like this, are wonderful. While some will get on and off the bus as you share it with others who might be doing smaller trips - these people still play a huge part in your fun days and nights.  

Below is a small look at our adventures in the Outback (Part 1) the red dirt, vast open expanses, crocks, gorges, and amazing views were the highlights.

Summerfield Delight | Outback Adventure Contiki