Mabel's First Year (with me)

Summerfield Delight | Mabel 7 months

I met Mabel (my part Ocicat) on a mid-september afternoon when I had zero intentions of adopting a cat. I had lost my childhood cat a few months prior to old age, and was waiting until I was ready. We were apple picking nearby the Potter Clinic in Middletown, RI a place where I had volunteered as a kid. We knew they had a big renovation and wanted to see the new facility. Gosh darn, the best thing was they had a new kitten room up front!!  

I was taken aback by a darling cat named Scarlett. She was near the door and looked like a twin of my former cat Sugar. I went into the room to meet Scarlett and see if it was a match and she wanted NOTHING to do with me. She hid and I tried to follow to see her. It was then that a scrawny tiny orange cat kept moving around trying to get my attention. She was on top of a cat tower and trying to figure out getting up and down with her tiny little body to get my attention. It was adorable. I picked her up and she lit up. That was it. I knew I had to take her home with me. Kelly the kitten wasn't yet "fixed" so I had to wait a week in order to bring her home, but the next Saturday after her operation we officially became family.  

The past year with Mabel has been great. Very social, and very playful she also loves to snuggle. I couldn't ask for a better cat -- unless she's in a feisty mode and scratches my hand all up (but she doesn't mean to hurt me).  

Enjoy her cake smash photos! Her 1st bday was in June so I celebrated in style. Yes She enjoys sweets and with my history of working at Heidi Hope Photography and a silly get together for friends celebrating her birthday, I decided to be the weirdest person my friends knew. Cat Cake Smash it was!  

Summerfield Delight | Cat Cakesmash Mabel First Birthday - Kitten Fun!