DIY Headboard Update

Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

When I first moved into my lovely little loft, I had these GIANT walls that felt empty without a headboard. The "diy headboard movement" (is that really a thing?) was just getting started and I ran out to the store, grabbed some mattress foam, and 2 yards of this fabulous, but super bright fabric. I get a little excited in the fabric store, and always end up coming home with material that I don't actually go out looking for, usually its MUCH brighter than what I would prefer. 

So now more than two years later, I decided to take the plunge and update my bedroom with a few small diys to keep it soft, and neutral and more industrial, like the rest of the space. The one qualification was that it needed to stay "light and vintage" so that my soft vintage bedding I have collected over the years still matches. I scored some great Threshold bedding for a special treat, to keep the floral feeling, and bring in soft grays and greens.

DIY #1 - paint the bright turquoise lamps green. I have a rainbow of valspar testers that I can use, and mixed up a nice sage green for the lamp.

DIY #2 - recover the headboard. I used Ikea's BJÖRNLOKA fabric, which is used in the link as a duvet cover, but I bought by the yard. You literally CANNOT beat ikea's prices on upholstery fabric by the yard. Just be flexible and open to whatever they have in stock. Sometimes the new season's pattern is sold out super quick.

I am not going to bore you with the DIY headboard tutorial, since there are 1,001 different ways of going about it. I like to keep it simple, just a simple staple gun and one or two seams of fabric. This literally took me tops 2 hours the first time around and 20 minutes to change out the fabric, so there are no excuses!

Do you diy your headboards?

Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

Note on the before images: for some reason, I forget to take REAL nice before images, so these are courtesy of my instagram feed. Left = painting the lamps aqua, bright floral headboard, pairing them sage green.

Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

PS. I cleaned my room mom!