Apple Cider Chai Latte

Apple Cider Chai Latte

There is something about a good cup of tea that is truly healing, the ability to sit and pause while drinking the hot liquid you can clarify your thoughts, or just clear your brain. The variety of teas really bring a lot of flavor profiles and options that are fun to combine. I have always love a good chai tea latte, the kind NOT made from concentrate, but instead tea + steamed milk plus sugar. 

I recently purchased an aeroccino to accompany my nespresso machine. Here I am using the aeroccino to make my steamed milk but there are plenty of ways to do without. Check out this video for three great methods.

Chai Tea. Hot Spiced Cider. Latte. What happens when you put those things together? Magical dream treat for a Sunday afternoon. The black tea and spices mixed with hot apple cider yumminess and frothy milk is like apple pie a la mode in a glass, sippable warm, cozy and delightful.

Apple Cider Chai Latte
Apple Cider Chai Latte




Add milk and syrup in steamer or pan on med heat whisk until bubbles.

Boil water in a kettle on the stove.

Add 1/4 cup boiling water to mug, add tea bag, let steep for a good 90 seconds. 

Remove bag and add in steamed cider milk, followed by a pinch of nutmeg over top.