August Hazy Beach Day

There's a little place in Little Compton that can steal my heart in any weather. Too hot, too cold, rainy, it's all incredibly beautiful. The shore here has memories of some of my favorite childhood moments. Playing in the sand, reading summer books on the beach, eating peach-blueberry pie, fishing late at night, bonfires with friends. There are just too many incredible memories here to share. 

We arrived on the beach - only a few days prior this entire beach was filled with red tide, and hightide at mid-day, so it was a "fine" beach day. I stepped over the boardwalk to check on the seaweed situation (for deciding where to park) and found low tide, almost empty beach, and 90% beyond clear gorgeous water. It's hard to explain how perfect it was.

My mother captured the perfect photo of her between the kayaks and her beach bag overlooking "the rock" the famous rock of the beach. I can vividly remember the first time her and one of our friend's dad's tried to race out there, only to be chased back by the lifeguards and whistles. The rock is special, the rock is infamous.


You can almost see the heat coming off of the marshy field that is next to the beach path. It's been magnificent lately. The purple flowers are stunning, the birds, butterflies and quiet marshy field is the picture perfect way to be enticed onto the beach. This path is one of my happy places.


I hope you enjoyed a little view into one of my favorite places on the planet earth and farmcoast.