Baked Apples and Pears with Spiced Caramel

The perfect fall dessert with spiced caramel and walnuts

Fall is the worst and best season. With the cool air comes an excitement for a new school year (even if you aren't in school) or a new beginning. Something about spring and fall allows us to transform and create new goals new ideas and then set forth on making those things happen. Living in New England the fall comes with the change in foliage, the cooler nights, dry sunny days, but at the end of the day those things have a little touch of sadness because we know what's coming next.

We trudged through the snow in the previous winter and told ourselves we would move, or do enough dances for mother nature she would forgive us of another harsh winter. Now it's late September and we take every opportunity given to us to be outside, and thrive on every moment of warmth the sun provides because we weren't smart enough to move to a warmer climate and we know what's coming next.


One of the parts of the fall that is best are the desserts. We perfect them throughout the season and then relish in over-eating massive quantities of pumpkin pie, or apple danish on Thanksgiving. Dessert does not have to be difficult or take almost any time however, which is why a fall fruit bake really is the king of easy desserts.

The way that ice cream or gelato melts on warm apples and pears is magical. The melty-ness is divine and covers the warm dessert for those who want to indulge, and plain without a frosty topping is just as delicious. I mean who can argue with brown sugar caramel and spices? Seriously? If you can this is probably not the blog for you anyway. Here at Summerfield Delight seasonal easy dishes are what make me happy and healthy. 

Note here on ingredients, if you don't have spiced caramel (we are going to dive into a recipe for that later in the season) then use regular caramel sauce and sprinkle some of your favorite spices mine include: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and clove.

Baked Apples and Pears with Walnuts and Spiced Caramel