Brodeur's Batch Coffee and Bourbon Cocktail

Brodeur's Batch Coffee and Bourbon Cocktail
Brodeur's Batch Coffee Syrup and Bourbon Cocktail

It's St. Patrick's Day, and I'm not one that celebrates this holiday. I'm not really Irish - or very little amounts, and adding green food coloring to my beer just isn't my thing. So I'm celebrating with a little spiked coffee. Sounds about right!

The best part about this recipe is that you can create your twist on it, but the KEY is the coffee syrup. Unfortunately, unless you live in a very specific part of the country Acushnet, Massachusetts aka near Fairhaven/New Bedford Massachusetts then you probably can't go pick some up. In fact even then, they only have it part of the year at a farm stand. 

Southern New England is known for this sugary substance we call "coffee syrup". It's basically just coffee and sugar cooked together to create this super rich substance. Made to be added to milk, or top your ice cream, this addictively perfect substance is a fantastic way to make an incredible coffee cocktail. The balance of sweet and coffee works well with a heavy hand of your favorite hard liquor. You could replace bourbon with whiskey, vodka or even rum - probably not gin that would be a little weird. 

Brodeur's Batch Coffee Syrup and Bourbon Cocktail

Brodeur's Batch is something you will want to buy for a few friends when you purchase, so make sure you order more than one when you head on over to their website. While you are looking at the product you can send me a nice message and say just how much you love the packaging. I'm kidding - yes, it is my design, but the product is what really shines here.

A little story about how this particular bottle came to my fridge. I had been trying to get down to Acushnet (actually vey close to where I used to commute every day) and kept forgetting to order or go buy some syrup so I would have a printed final product of the packaging I did for these awesome guys. 

One day this fall, my Dad played in a golf tournament down in that area where out of all the random things you could win (there were LOTS) and he came home with this little bottle and a matching mug from Brodeur's Batch! How funny is that. He came home and was like "oh, I got this coffee stuff", and my mother replied "Your daughter designed that label!" And that's how we got our first bottle of Brodeur's Batch.

Brodeur's Batch Coffee Syrup and Bourbon Cocktail

Brodeur's Batch Coffee and Bourbon Cocktail, makes one cocktail


  • 1.5 oz brodeur's batch
  • 1.5 oz bourbon
  • 6 oz milk (or to taste)
  • coffee ice cubes (if you have time)


  1. The first thing here is that if you can, prep yourself some coffee ice cubes. I'm a big fan in summer, and like to use any left over coffee from the french press or coffee pot and throw them in an ice mold. I almost look forward to having leftover coffee for this reason.
  2. In a glass add your ice cubes, brodeur's batch, liquor of choice and milk. Stir and taste. The sweetness of the coffee syrup will react differently to different milk fat percentages, so adjust to your personal taste.
  3. Enjoy the kick of the coffee and the delightful sweetness with some good bourbon.