Can I grow that inside? - Zucchini Edition

How to Grow a Zucchini Inside

Can I grow a zucchini in a container and inside?

This series is a blog series dedicated to showing the process of how to grow edibles - the garden variety - inside your home. If you are interested in growing out of season, or if you don’t have any outdoor space, you can see what it would actually be like starting from seed to harvest with us. With each series post we have ONE post per edible type of item. We will be updating each post, so check back for new photos, tips/tricks and more.

Growing Zucchini in containers is not unheard of, but mostly it’s for people with smaller-ish gardens, balconies or outdoor spaces. So the only differentiating factor to growing them in a garden is the restriction of their roots, and the varieties that stay less “rambling”.

The Astia Zucchini from Renee’s Garden.

We chose this Astia variety zucchini for a few reasons. First, it’s available on so for our first in the series, we wanted to be sure you could legitimately go click and buy and duplicate this project. Second, the Astia is a well known variety for containers. It’s also a FAST variety. Renee’s Garden’s seed packet is giving this a 48 day plant to harvest timeline, and when we did research we saw this number even reduced down to 38 - not sure if that was a typo, but I’d love to find out.

Fast Facts about the Astia Zucchini by Renee’s Garen

Planting: Container planting - 15 inch wide 12 inch deep for 1 per.
Days to Harvest: 48 from direct seed date.
Size/Description: 5 inch long summer squash with dark green skin.
Hybrid/Yes or No?: Yes F1
Sun: Full Sun


First, if you read below, we expect to have to pot-on this trial, even though we don’t recommend doing so with squashes. Just because I don’t plan on going out to the store today to buy a new 12-15”" pot.

Second, because the zucchini plant has both male and female flowers, it means we will need to pollinate this guy by hand. Without bees or solid wind to blow the pollen from male to female flower, we will need to do so ourselves.

These guys produce heavily - but not forever, so we will also be calculating how MUCH we harvest, in pounds and via photographic proof for y’all.

Current Status of the Project:


March 26th 2019

Today we potted up the plant, while we didn’t have the recommended 12inch deep/15 inch wide pot, I do have an 8 inch that we can use in the meantime sitting around. We used Espoma Organic Potting Soil a bit of water and a Target plastic pot with holes we drilled last summer to start this guy off. We used two seeds, 1 inch deep, and set a clear plastic cover to keep in moisture while germinating. We popped this guy on the top of a shelf where it stays pretty warm, and will make sure it gets the most sun exposure we have available in the loft once it sprouts up. Most likely that will be a southern-exposure in the living room, or prime area next to the cherry tomato in the Eastern exposure office/studio area.

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