Cranberry-Sage Cocktail

One might first hear cranberry-sage and think savory stuffing or sweet baked cookies, but this is another layer of goodness you can add to the holiday menu. What I love about this drink is it a good crowd pleaser, well... for those who like GIN flavors - so you can count out my mother on this one. The rest of us however LOVE gin, read: dad, my little (adult) sister and myself. 

SAGE is an AITA gin that is just divine. I think it's less in-your-face gin-like than many botanical gins even. Replace with something like Citadel or Hendrick's if you don't have Art in the Age at your local liquor store. For those in Rhode Island, you will find this in the Gin section at Bottles on the East Side, and the rest of their products you can find on the back right hand side with liqueurs.

This would be a great drink to make in a pitcher for a party, replace the directions below with 1 part gin, 1 part sage syrup, 2 parts cranberry juice. CHILL for hours in the fridge before pouring. For really great presentation, some cranberry sage ice cubes would be perfect. Add some cranberry juice, fresh cranberries and sage into the ice tray and add RIGHT before serving. If you are offering a variety of holiday drinks, you might want to use water instead of juice. This way there is only a slight hint of cranberry sage for those drinking seltzer.

Note on these goblets, aren't they just divine? I think so. They only come out of the basement for special occasions: read Thanksgiving in our family. We do less of a traditional Christmas these days, so Thanksgiving is when we "live it up". They are part of a set from my great grandmother, along with some juice glasses and coupes... Should we make a great NYE cocktail in the coupe? Yes. Let's!



  • 1.5 oz sage syrup
  • 1.5 oz sage by AITA
  • 3-4 oz 100% cranberry juice


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add in ingredients. Replace Sage with another botanical gin if you can't find Sage. Shake for thirty seconds and pour into goblets for a fancy festive cocktail.

Place fresh cranberries and a fresh sage leaf on top as garnish for a picture perfect moment.