The Loft Garden: The beginnings

How to garden in an apartment

How to have a garden when you live in an apartment

It happened. A few years ago, this earth-shattering inside feeling that I needed to build roots. Not just roots in the form of a home, but roots in terms of building a garden. As a single freelancer, living in New England (probably medium cost-of-living for US comparison) it is just not in the works for the time being, so while I lamented about it for a few years, planted a few veggies in other people’s yards and visited gardens upon repeat, I finally said this year - it’s time. Time to just build it myself.

So this November, I rolled out the door on a Saturday morning and went to my local garden center, started some seeds, got some grow lights and the journey began.

What to expect with the indoor vegetable gardening series:

Through this blog, I am going to bring you on my journey of creating my Loft Garden. I am going to take my experience of growing gardens (not my own) from the outside to the inside and explore not just what is possible, but the trials and tribulations that I encounter along the way. Grow lights, what’s good - and then what’s worth the cost. What varieties are worth it? Where to buy these seeds? What about winter light vs. summer light - exposure differences and containers/pots and vessels.

When I started this I read just about every blog/article I could find out there - and truth be told, there were next to ZERO photos and real experiences out there. So I’m going to test them out. Not just the “grow microgreens” or “buy an aerogarden” variety. The I planted two tomatillos, climbing beans, eggplants, and more within my loft apartment, and can we make these come to fruition - literally and eat the fruits of our labor.

Some photos of our peas, cherry tomatoes and more in our first trials - updates coming soon :)


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