Morning Green Juice

Kale Lemon and Cantaloupe Juice

Green Juice! It's either a hit or a miss with most people. The key is knowing what you LIKE and what you don't. For me, in juice I don't like any that have romaine or celery, they tend to be bitter. I love them in salad, but I don't really love them in liquid form. Spinach, herbs, kale etc. all fabulous, the darker leaves tend to be sweeter vs the lighter tend to be bitter in taste.

One of the tricks is to add flavor via other items not just the basic green juice ingredients. Beyond the usual GREEN + Lemon + Apple, try things like mint, parsley, cilantro, ginger, cayenne, lime etc. They add a level of flavor that creates something tasty instead of just something there. 

This is one of my go-to morning recipes, esp. if I buy the cantaloupe already chopped (on a lazy day) you can just dump it into the juicer with pre-chopped juicing kale and a few knife cuts for the other items. Hardly any prep, which let's be honest, you are already juicing yourself you probably don't want to get up extra early to chop vegetables in the am.


makes one 12-16 oz morning glass of juice