My 2019 Goals


I am not one for big new years resolutions, I never really have been. I have tried them - sure, but I’d rather feel it out. So often I wait a month or so before choosing a word or a sentiment for the upcoming year. For 2018 I chose the word FLOW, to just see where the year brought me, go with the river, tides and let life be.

For 2019 I have yet to choose a word, I know it will be something like ROOT or something to represent prepping for my next big goal in owning a home. It is going to take some tough work, savings and more, but I crave quiet, and don’t want to spend time digging around in the much waiting for it to happen.

I was recently sent a link to some apartments that are beautiful and near a good walking path, but again - more expensive than the lovely, noisy, quite large space I currently have - so here I will stay, earplugs at night (especially snowy nights - hello plows ALL NIGHT), and take that extra few hundred between the price points and put it away each month.


The Studio:

In 2017 I launched over twenty client websites, in 2018 I launched twenty-two, but made similar income due to the pop-up sale I had for quite a few of the sites. My goal for 2019 is to take half the amount of websites, and only be doing premium full scale web design, so I have more time for branding with clients, working with my students and not slacking off here on the blog and SSDG. The goal is to honestly hit around 12 max for site design. Smarter choices, longer-term choices, last year I just let whatever flow, I needed a year to find my footing again, and now that I have, it’s time to root down, find the foundation and build balance back up.


Oh this year has been my worst cooking year in a long, long time. I was lazy, but I also was dieting for a good half of the year, so I would stay away from cookbooks. So this year, no calorie counting, just making good food. No take-out for the time-being in 2019, that could change but the goal is to just eat what I have in the fridge - for house-saving methods and not eating pizza delivery.

For my second goal for cooking this year I am going to try and document my cooking - shitty phone photos only. Mostly in the dark because, well, it’s dark at night when I cook. So I am going to insta-story those. LOL. The goal is a recipe a week-ish so 52+ recipes from last week through the end of 2019. I already documented three!

This Blog:

My goal is to post minimum three times a month. One of those posts is allowed to be a monthly recap, this space is mostly for me, and documenting my creative and garden focused journey, so no goals, no constrained categories, just letting this space BE, but trying to get more out there, less perfect, just doing it.

Creative Goals:

I do want to finish my quilts and other projects in process. I have a few things that I need to actually DO and a few things I need to finish.

Tiny Tile Quilt - purl soho quilt - need more dove kona cotton to finish cutting.

Liberty Meadowland Quilt - my gorgeous liberty pink, cobalt blue and aqua liberty quilt - right now I’ve pieced 3 blocks out of like 30 lol.

Wearables - I want to finish three wearables - even if it’s three wiksten tanks which take a very short time to whip up, I’d like to actually put three things on hangers at the end of the year.


My goals for reading this year are to get to twenty books. My most in the last few years has been eighteen, and while good for someone who started their own business, could be better. I actually did pretty well at the beginning and the end of the year, but somewhere around me exercising more made me want to go to sleep earlier and not read, and during the busy business season I read next to nothing lol. If we included business books/articles etc, I would have hit the number, but meh.

As you can see by my goodreads below, I reread a lot of harry potter - almost done with the series again, and I read the current season of Outlander (Drums of Autumn) just in time for the new season to start, again, if I had finished just another few hundred pages, and each book was an average of 300 pages, I would have almost hit my goal of 25 books. It was a lofty goal. I cut back to twenty for 2019.

What are your goals for 2019?

My year in books 2018 goodreads