Potato Salad with Thai Basil

Purple and Red Potato Salad with Thai Basil Yogurt Dressing

I know I know, potato salads are totally taboo these days, ohhh carbs! But there is something completely wonderful about a simple potato salad with really lovely smaller sweeter potatoes fresh from this season (season typically starts in August). My grandmother made the best german potato salad that yummy creamy mayonnaise with dijon mustard and probably heavy cream for all I know... it's heavy, but back in the day, a perfect side to a hefty cheeseburger. {yikes on the cholesterol - sorry grandma!}

This recipe puts a little bit of heart healthy back into a good side for a bbq. A perfect accompaniment to a pot luck that you can bring, still potato salad, but whole food centric with a flare of healthy, everyone will be satisfied. Thai basil is such  a lovely flavor that gets lost in the normal culinary world. The flavor is distinctly different than regular basil, softer almost, which is why I like it for cooking more than regular basil. The almost slightly minty essence mixes well with a lot of savory dishes, where usually basil, esp. fresh basil would completely overpower the dish.

Thai Basil Potato Salad