Reflections on Fall 2015

Lavender for Weekends
Lavender for Weekends
Mabel the Ocicat
Lavender for Weekends

I don't often post a lot of personal things on the blog anymore, this tends to be a very food blog place, and I like how it has transformed from a year ago into this venture. With thanksgiving coming up this week and it only being a month from when I leave for Christmas vacation, it seems fitting to start thinking about the past few months. I'll leave the year long reflection for the new year, but even so much has changed this fall that it deserves a little focus time.


In terms of design my life has dramatically changed, for one I have been contracting out design services. I say "contracted" because a lot of it is project based and not set hours.  Basically it means my weekends and nights are devoted to design a lot more than what they used to be. For one, both blogs have fallen away from my primary focus. You might have noticed my posts going from 4 times a week to 1 or 2. I hope to remedy that, but again, you never know where current path might lead. What IS exciting however are the projects that are with creatives and food bloggers that keep my game up and help me learn new things for this space. Between Sid Wainer's new food blog SID IN THE KITCHEN - post about this coming soon, working on a local Coffee Syrup's new branding (more soon and RECIPE) and then an other fun project for a you-tuber's food blog, I have loved using my knowledge of this world within the design realm. It's truly a dream come true.


Home life has been pretty boring! Between work-work and design-work and then blogging here it's all career-focused. I honestly don't mind because I think it will bring me to a place where I will be abel to work 100% creatively on my own, but it take some weekend diligence. I am yearning for the day I can separate my living room from my office, from my creative space, from my entertaining space from the folding laundry station ... even just a little bit. 


Food is my savior lately - eh. That sounds a little bit over-reaching. Let's go with: Finding the space and time to focus solely on one creative project -- read: cooking is what keeps me sane currently. I have contemplated saying sionara to this blogging space, because I pressure myself to keep going, keep blogging, develop a new recipe, but each time I finish I am truly satisfied. How can I complain about the one thing that is purely creative? Design projects while in the creative world, aren't always pure in their creative abilities - design is communication for a message, and it's not always your message it't the client's message, so that time and place where I am away from the computer, and just in that one headspace making a pastry or dinner is my key lately to being a good person. 

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all of you! And don't forget to plan some great recipes for your family. Here are my favorite fall/autumn recipes for entertaining below:

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