Spiced Cider and Rye Cocktail

Rye. The traditional alcohol in the classic Old Fashioned drink, a great Rye with a little sugar whether in an Old Fashioned or Gold Rush is the favorite drink of my best friend. Her love for a great Old Fashioned turns heads in bars we frequent. There's usually a nod of acceptance from the bartender and a few, oh she likes Whiskey stares from the frat guys out on the town. It's HIGHLY amusing.

I am not usually the type to order rye, brandy or whiskey at a bar, but will certainly enjoy one every once in a while. The cool fall nights are a great way to enjoy this drink, and if you took my advice in making CIDER SYRUP earlier this week, you will have a great drink for a few friends hanging out this halloween. It's the perfect festive drink for rye drinkers and non-rye drinkers alike.

Spiced Cider & Rye Cocktail


  • 3 oz rye (templeton small batch)
  • 1 tsp fresh orange juice
  • 1/2 tsp orange rind/twist
  • 3 oz cider syrup (see link for recipe)



In a shaker add the rye and cider and orange juice. Shake for a few seconds, but not too vigorously, this isn't a martini. 

Pour into old fashioned glass or tumbler. Add orange zest or twist.

Add large ice cube (round if possible) or whiskey stones to keep cool.

Sip and enjoy.