Sakonnet Gardens Tour

Each May, in a once-a-year event, a local Farmcoast garden opens up their gates to the public for an open-house weekend.

My mother had the pleasure of going to the open garden a few years back, and I had been hearing magical tales of the wonders of this garden since that day. It's walled garden style, more reminiscent of a garden found in the United Kingdom, or even Monty Don's style design. I had been fascinated by the idea of this walled garden style for the past few months since diving into Gardener's World on BBC. Through the lens of the show's host garden (Monty Don's) you get this look into a formal garden style that is very rare here in the United States. When I realized that we were coming close to the open garden day for this storied location, I knew I would go - whether I had friends with me or not.

What we found was as magical as I had heard, and even more so inspiring - bringing the formality of garden design, in with farmcoast style, native plants, mixed with exotic and interesting varieties.

Take a look at our exploration of their garden.


Spring Green

The essence of spring could be summed up into one efflorescent color.


Mossy - Fern Plantings

In a section of garden, where you first walk into the walled area, we found all of the old-varieties of rhodedendron. We loved the way that every inch of space was uesed to create the atmosphere, instead of just a path, moss and ferns grow under the canopy.


European Wild Gingner

Our new favorite shade plant of 2018. These glossy almost lily pad looking ground cover plants (on the left) have to be one of the most expensive solutions to beautiful shady areas, but also the most dramatic.



The variety of rooms and structures, is what made this garden truly spectacular. The design treatment of each space sometimes felt like a new world, or just a little surprise to be found through a giant wall of logs. Whether a new color scheme, or garden theme each room was spectacular in it's own right.


I have yet to succeed in getting a seeded poppy to flower. I love the delicate-ness of their shape and yet, when in bloom take center stage and outshine the rest of the spring buds.


Tiny Orchids

As I am new to learning all about garden design, I am also new to learning about these orchids that can live in areas like England as well as our similar climate (esp. in a walled garden) here across the pond. On my to-do list is find out if we can grow these here.


So make sure you write down MAY on your calendar to look up the open garden weekend at Sakonnet Garden in Little Compton RI! We have heard it is usually on Mother's day weekend, while this year a few weeks later - but due to a slow and cold spring it was pushed back.