Warm Tones of September


GOSH, September you have certainly been an interesting and busy busy month. It's one of the most beautiful of the year here in southern new england, so you have to take advantage of every moment possible in order to have the best time. I find that the air is crisp, warm and dry which allow for a great moment in time. You can walk outside and say, wow, what a beautiful day. Sometimes big storms or hurricanes come through, but not that often.

This month, work has been busy - people have this thing about appointments etc. and summertime, they will put them off till fall, so office work goes into high(er) gear than summer. It's interesting how it coincides with school schedules, but not unusual for such an academically minded city with all the schools and universities.

September Produce and Flowers

Design-wise September has been much busier than summer as well, which has left this place a little in the cross-hairs of a war between my busy schedule and fighting the light in my apartment. I almost decided to move, in fact did, and then changed my mind. Something in my gut said, not now, and when I told them I had changed my mind all was good. 

I would love the light of a bigger apartment, the space for a full office and working photoshoot area, hardwood floors and not being next to the terrace in my apartment building (late nights in the summer time noise drifts right in - let alone cigarette smoke). At the same time, something about the time and effort to move wasn't right. I have been waiting for the right time, and it seemed perfect budget-wise and check-list wise but it wasn't the right time. Hopefully in the spring I will figure out better light. Maybe it's time for an artificial light - WHAT?! Yeah, I said artificial light. It's a consideration folks, not a definite.

I have some great design projects launching in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you are ready for them! I will probably do an update that links when a few of them are posted over on www.megsummerfield.com so you don't have to go looking for the portfolio links.

Enjoy the last weekend of September, we are enjoying a great Birthday Dinner for my Dad at a great local restaurant (that even has a veggie entree I am excited about!).

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