The Studio Makeover Part 1: Goals and Inspiration

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The office has been a mess for years. The balance teetering between inspiring place to hav a desk, and place to have in the background of video calls, as well as being a place for creative pursuits and STORING all the nonsense that comes with being a studio space - in an awkward room is always out of balance.

How the room is used: It’s the creative space, and the face of the studio. While it needs to store all the things us creative entrepreneurs need - from tech to quilting to paints to easels, you collect a lot of creative stuff over the years. It can’t be sterile feeling after everything is stored because it’s a creative space, but it also is backdrop to client meetings. It also houses our green space all our plants - so that we can close the door for the cat not to eat seedlings and leave the blinds all the way up.

What we would like for the room to do better: I’d love it to have more storage without it feeling like it’s either closed in or has to be perfectly stored. So leaving the closet (currently has those hanging shelves for storage), but reduce that by moving some things to another storage space. I’d love under-desk storage to function better as well. Looking into baskets or something to fit where the sawhorses are under the desk.

Main Goals:


  2. PRETTY VIGNETTES for creative fun.

  3. LOTS of space for plants.

Inspiration Visually:

We are calling this the “Conservatory Creative Studio” as of this moment in time (lol). I also call it the greenhouse studio, or just plain conservatory studio to describe how I want it to feel. Like you mixed a conservatory/greenhouse room with an office and a studio space. So clean simple space + simple/neutral decor. Letting the plants + creative projects + shelf vignettes be the speaking points. Even then, keeping classic + simple is the name of the game. I find my colors I like vary so much, I would love to keep it so it can rotate design-wise. From bulletin board, art space (maybe get rid of blackboard for art space?) and plants and shelves everything else is kept simple clean and minimal. That way I can be creative along the way.

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The visual inspiration is Conservatory Studio. It’s part greenhouse/plant room/quilt room/art room/ studio space/storage room and mostly office. So while being a very green space, which has storage and use for creative pursuits it is mostly the place where work has to be conducted. Now, I am lucky in that work can be contained to a computer and a sketchbook - but we all know creative brains require visually adaptable space for our brains.

Coming Soon: - The reveal!

We’ve been working away on implementing this design for everyone to see :)


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