Vegetarian Coconut Bacon

Vegetarian and Vegan Coconut Bacon

I did a lot of research before deciding to make this. I read probably fifteen recipes from all over before deciding that I would take the plunge. After years of being a vegetarian, the only thing that I miss is the addition of crunchiness in that bacon-like form. 

My best friend who is also a vegetarian is keen on making fun of me for trying it. I believe the words that were exchanged went something like "I'll let you try the recipe". She's nice in that way, but her palette for "meat-like" foods is similar to mine. My thoughts are its not needed, and its never good, let tofu be tofu, let veggies be veggies. In this case she would say coconut does not belong mixed with tamari and liquid smoke.

The next issue I had was to decide whether or not I was going to plunge and buy liquid smoke. It shoes up in recipes all over, and honestly I didn't find one that I felt was really good, it's ok, it doesn't have preservatives in it, but its not just smoke and water either... I'll have to look online now that I know I have a reason to buy it (like in a year when I go through this bottle).

So I also broke down this recipe into a much smaller batch than any I read, and mixed in my own spices, quantities and let a little bit more sauce be on the coconut and cook longer and slightly higher temp. For me this was perfect.

Vegetarian Coconut Bacon

makes about 1 cup