Three Cheese Pizza with a Lemon Twist

White Pizza with Lemons and Sage

Hi lovely readers! 

I am sharing with you my favorite way to dress up a three cheese pizza. We all know that sometimes the best dinner is a lovely crisp melty three cheese pizza, it's gourmet mac and cheese you can eat with your hands. Who doesn't love cheese and carbs... ??! For my three cheese pizzas I will mix all sorts of cheese, usually a base of mozzarella, parmesan and whatever ELSE I have on hand. This one was a aged in ash (so anything that looks moldy? that's the lovelyness of the cheese.)

I like to dress up my white pizzas for a fun twist and something new. One of my favorite combos is sage and lemon, I mean seriously one of my favorite splurge meals includes butter, lemon and sage. Excuse my mysteriousness - I can't tell you everything in one post! 

This works with frozen pizzas as well and if you like a good three cheese try the flatbread brand. The cheese and herb variety is a great one to use in this case. We should also re-iterate that I find making pizza dough on a weeknight silly. I will certainly make a batch on a weekend and keep it frozen, but honestly when I live next door to a bakery, I just walk over and grab some ready to go dough. Most grocery stores have a lovely variety from the local bakeries, or at least here in Providence (maybe because of the amazing Italian food here) we have several options available. 

White Pizza with Fried Sage and Lemon


makes one ten inch round pizza