Fall Festivus Cocktail with Maple, Cider and Spice

Apple Pie Cocktail Cocktail

I know I usually post cocktail recipes on thursdays here on the blog, but I knew you all had been deprived of a good post and I am still up to my elbows developing my next fall baking recipe, so a good drink to hold you over is a good call.

This is a variation of a good snap and cider. Snap being a AITA ginger snap inspired spirit, the molasses ginger notes are just perfection. My other favorite things about fall include the wondrous spices that suddenly pop out of our cabinets. Star anise, ginger and cinnamon are some of my favorites. 

There are some specific ingredients in this recipe, but they are worth it. Especially if you love this kind of drink, you will have them all fall long and it's a great drink to bring to Thanksgiving :)

SNAP is from Art in the Age, look for it ahead of the holiday if you want to buy it, some liquor stores run out before the holiday. For Pumpkin Pie Spices, I use Williams Sonoma, it's a really good spicy mix of ginger and cinnamon that can't be beat. If not ground cinnamon and ground ginger will replace well.

Fall Maple Apple Cider and Spice Cocktail
Fall Maple Apple Cider and Spice Cocktail

Fall Festivus Cocktail

makes one cocktail