The Best Gardening Movies

There are a lot of movies that have beautiful settings, but very few that actually showcase the act of gardening within a movie setting. So these movies not only have gorgeous gardens, but also the plot is about the garden in general. A few of these have their roots in a real-life story, but are more “movies” than documentaries. Those will come in our next post!

Here’s the list of Movies (no documentaries):

Gardening Movies


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Green Fingers - Seriously the most delightful garden movie, this British 90s classic brings you quirky garden story that is just charming.


Dare to be Wild


Dare to be Wild - One of the only modern day garden movies as of late, this movie can currently be found on Netflix and is a movie about a true story of a garden designer and her designs for the Chelsea Flower Show. If sweeping landscapes, lovely gardens and a little bit of a love story is your thing, you are bound to watch this at least once.


The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden - Classic. There’s nothing better than the Secret Garden. The 1993 version is my favorite, and I believe most of us millennials (esp. elder millennials like myself) love this version from our childhood.


This Beautiful Fantastic


This Beautiful Fantastic - I found this quirky film through Hulu and really enjoyed watching this garden centered film. A true indie movie, it is perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.


A Little Chaos


A Little Chaos - To say this might be my favorite from the list above would be ridiculous, because it changes but the art direction in this film is so beautiful, and Kate Winslet, and includes the ever-missed Alan Rickman who also directed the film. The plot is centered around a female gardener working on the gardens at Versailles, so expect costumes, a love story and gorgeous greenery.

Next up! Our favorite Non-Fiction Garden Movies! I’ve been watching a few of these during my winter in wait for spring, so I have a few new ones that are well… new to me! I am finishing up a few of those before we put together our full list of our favorites.

Did we miss any of your favorite movies about gardening?

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