Double Star Quilt for Mom

It took a while to finally quilt this bugger, but I got it done just in time for Christmas for my mom. This quilt was a fun process, partly because there was zero plan involved. It was truly a one-day creative project where I opened up one day saw the Fancy Tiger Crafts pattern and tutorial video there and just took fabric out and whipped it up in one afternoon while listening to audiobooks.

For the color palette they suggest to use contrasting fabric, a blend of lights and a blend of darks. I had a bunch of rifle paper fabric from their first collection sitting around waiting for the right moment, and I had some leah duncan and some gorgeous painted gingham that I got at — in Seattle a few years back. These prints all deserved more focus than many quilts give them, larger space, larger focus etc. They need to be seen to be truly appreciated. This was a great pattern for that exact purpose.


Part way there

At this stage I decided we definitely needed the border to create the design look plus add a good chunk of size.

Double Star Quilt

check out the pattern over at fancy tiger craft’s website here or the creative bug site for video tutorials (with membership)

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