Harvest Baskets for Your Garden

Hey there garden friends - now, this is the kind of post where my mother ROLLS her eyes incessantly - do tell me if I’m wrong, mom! But I gathered some gorgeous harvest baskets for your seasonal flower and garden produce. There’s one thing I love, that is feeling proud of my harvests, and having fun in the garden and at the farmer’s markets, so splurging on a few items that I will use over and over to help celebrate the things I love seems like a great idea. Enjoy some of my favorites to use all season long.

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From flower trugs, whether whicker or the traditional sussex shape and style, you can place flowers on their sides and easily carry your basket around the garden. For larger harvests the beautiful fair trade baskets from Ghana are a nice blend that work between the farmer’s market and your backyard harvest. And for those looking for that incredibly functional basket, the wire Hod is a gardener’s favorite. With the hod since it’s only wooden on the edges, you can take the garden hose right to your basket at the end of harvest - making it part colander and part harvest basket.

Ok, so now you have gathered your harvest into a basket, how do you keep these things nice? From the farmer’s market we have one trick you will love. Make sure you have a nice flower tin in the back of your car - for flowers and bring with you a few extra non-plastic bags and berry baskets so you don’t need to use the plastic at the market or in your backyard garden for harvest storage.

We always have a stash of things waiting to go back out to the car for storage, these handy and beautiful items will make your garden harvests and trips to the farmer’s market a bit more practical, easy on the planet and beautiful!